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HEART’s members are dog trainers and other pet professionals who are committed to using positive reinforcement, force-free techniques in working with dogs and other pets.  HEART members  are held to a strict code of conduct. When hiring a trainer or other pet service provider, please interview and consider their methods, customer service, experience and knowledge before deciding. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and check the professional certifications and credentials.  Ask who they are certified through and check that organization’s website to be sure they are fully certified. 

No dog trainer should ever guarantee specific results. There are too many variables with dogs and their owners.  To do so is unethical.

Please choose one of HEART’s pet professionals, but please interview them first to make sure they are the right professional for you and your pet.  If you hire one of our professional trainers or other pet service providers, please contact us if the individual was not professional or did not follow the code of conduct.  And of course, we always welcome your positive feedback!  

HEART has trainers and other pet professionals serving the entire Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.

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